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Affinity Home Health Care Would like to offer you a career.

Start you career with us.


Whether you are a seasoned nurse or therapist or just beginning your career. We have a position for you.




  • If you just want to work a few hours per week.

  • If you just want to supplement your current income.

  • Do you want a flexible schedule?

  • Do you like to make a difference?

  • Do you want to refresh your skills?

  • Do you want to get comfortable with your skills before you start to work in a fast pace environment?

  • Do you want to work part-time and make a full-time income?

If you answer yes to any of these questions then we want you!

Some positions will require a contractual agreement for employment.


The home health care environment differs from hospitals and other institutional environments where nurses and therapist work.

For example, home health care nurses and therapist work alone in the field with support resources available from a central office.

 The physician relies to a greater degree on the nurse and therapist to make assessments and communicate findings.


  • Must have a current professional licenses with no restrictions.

  • Must have a current driver's licenses

  • Must be able to pass a criminal history background check

  • Must not be listed on the texas miscondut website.

  • Must have current auto insurance.

  • Must be able to pass a drug test.

  • Must not be taken any medications during the work day that may impair judgement and/or coordination.

  • Must have good work ethics.

  • Must like to learn.

  • Must be self motivated

Welcome to our Company
Affinity Home Health Care knows that our employees drive the success of our company. 
Affinity Home Health Care creates and provide an environment that offers challenging, stimulating and financially rewarding opportunities.
Making a Difference
For clinicians, home health care provides a opportunity to provide medical services right in the patient's home.
Qualities that you must process being a health care clinician for Affinity Home Health Care? 
  • A person with a compassionate and caring attitude.
  • Loves to teach and train others.
  • Has a strong work ethic.
  • Has strong time management and organizational skills.
  • Constantly learning new skills and new data.
  • Positive attitude.

Don't suffer alone when help is a phone call away. Use your Home Healthcare  benefits by calling you doctor and requesting a complimentary RN evaluation.

Our Mission

The Mission of Affinity Home Health Care is to provide quality health care, physical and emotional comfort to all of its clients in a fashion of unparalleled excellence.  Affinity Home Health Care is committed to working within the financial means of all of our clients while bringing quality care to the homecare environment and treating each person with respect, diginity and compassion.

Commitment to our Patients
Affinity Home Health Care recognizes the unique emotional, physical and spiritual needs of each patient.  We strive to extend the highest level of courtesy and services to clients, caregivers, families, visitors, and each other.  Leadership commitment- to be able to continue to provide state of the art service.
Commitment to Excellence
Affinity Home Health Care continually strives to create an atmosphere of teamwork, and fosters participation through continuous performance improvement. These activities enhance the pursuit of excellence and perpetuate of sense of personal pride in the areas of staff development, as well as enhanced organizational outcomes.  
  Call US @ 713 947 2277 or 281 997 6507 Fax:713 947 2292

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