• Timeframe/Discharge Planning

  • Medicare services are intermittent meaning not every day.  While there are some situations where services can be continued for several 60-day periods of care, the healthcare professionals are only in the home 1-3 days per week, up to one hour per visit. Families and caregivers are still the primary source of long term care for their loved ones at home. One of the most important duties of the home care clinical staff is to instruct the caregivers on the information and resources they will need to successfully manage and care for their loved one. Discharge planning begins with the first visit, so the clinical team will coordinate services and information, so the patient and caregivers will be well informed to continue care long after the home health care team has discharged.

  • Services

  • Observation & Assessment of Condition

  • Patient & Family Education of Disease Process

  • Management & Evaluation of Patient Care Plan

  • Medication Education & Management

  • Dressing Changes

  • Home Safety & Emergency Education

  • Gastrostomy Care

  • Wound Care

  • Tracheostomy Care

  • Catheter Care

  • Enteral & Parenteral Nutrition

  • Injections

  • Venipuncture

  • IV Therapy

  • Ostomy Care

  • Pain Management

  • Diabetic Care

  • Nutritional Support

  • Medicare and Medicare Advantage plans will pay for home care visits when the following criteria have been met:

• The patient must be enrolled in the Medicare program during the time the services are provided and be eligible for benefits.
• A Medicare certified agency must provide services.
• A physician who establishes and periodically reviews the plan of care at least every 60 days must order the services.
• Services must be provided in the patient’s place of residence.
• The patient must be homebound.
• The services must be medically reasonable and necessary to the treatment of an illness or injury.
• The patient must need a qualifying skilled service (Skilled Nursing, Physical Therapy, Speech Therapy, on an intermittent basis or continued care from an Occupational Therapist).
• If at least one of the qualifying services is needed, Medicare covers the following services: home health aide services, medical social services, medical supplies.


  • Coordination of Care

·         Your loved one must feel comfortable around, and get along well, with their clinical staff. Feel free to let us know if there are any specific requirements.  We want your loved one to feel at ease with their clinical team.

Commitment to our Patients
Affinity Home Health Care recognizes the unique emotional, physical and spiritual needs of each patient.  We strive to extend the highest level of courtesy and services to clients, caregivers, families, visitors, and each other.  Leadership commitment- to be able to continue to provide state of the art service.
Commitment to Excellence
Affinity Home Health Care continually strives to create an atmosphere of teamwork, and fosters participation through continuous performance improvement. These activities enhance the pursuit of excellence and perpetuate of sense of personal pride in the areas of staff development, as well as enhanced organizational outcomes.  
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