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Pulmonary Program

Affinity Home Health Care Pulmonary Program is designed to provide home health services to your patients in the comfort of their home. We offer a comprehensive approach to restore the pulmonary patient to the highest level of function. At Affinity Home Health Care , our goal is to increase quality of life by decreasing exacerbation and reducing hospitalizations.

The Pulmonary Program consists of:

  • Educating the patient and caregiver on Lung disease and preventing exacerbations

  • Encouraging and assisting with lifestyle changes such as diet, smoking-cessation, and avoidance of irritants

  • A customized exercise program taught by our Physical and Occupational Therapists which includes energy conservation techniques to reduce exertion while performing the activities of daily living

  • Treatment education including- Pharmacological therapy, O2 Therapy, Breathing exercises

  • Counseling Services

  • Education and monitoring of O2 usage and O2 saturation

  • Home Health Aide as needed to assist with bathing and showering


Benefits of the Pulmonary Program:

  • Improved Quality of Life with fewer exacerbations

  • Reduced Number of Hospitalizations

  • Increased Endurance

  • Improved Coping Mechanisms

  • Improved Function and level of independence

  • Improved Safety and Compliance with Oxygen

  • Improved Outcomes

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