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Cardiac Program

Affinity Home Health Care’s Cardiac Program is designed to provide home health services to patients in the comfort of their home. Our health care team consisting of nurses, physical, occupational therapists and social workers works closely with you to provide a customized plan of care for each patient.
Some of our specialized services include:
Congestive Heart Failure Program: increases the patient’s knowledge regarding heart failure, thus improving their quality of life and reducing re-hospitalizations.
  • Causes of Heart Failure
  • Signs and Symptoms associated with Heart Failure
  • Treatment Guidelines
  • Dietary Education
  • Medication Management
  • MSW for Long Term Planning
Anti-Coagulation Program reduces risk and increases positive outcomes for people taking blood thinner medications.
  • In-home fingerstick PT/INR testing with results reported to physician immediately
  • Patient and family teaching on all the important aspects of safe and effective treatment with blood-thinners.
  • Heparin injections, Lovenox injections and Coumadin monitoring
  • Administering & monitoring Diuretic therapy.
  • Lab testing for BMP & other specific labs.
  • Monitor rapid weight with s/s of edema.
Cardiac Rehab to make patients more active and make lifestyle changes that lead to a stronger heart and better health. Cardiac rehab helps patients feel better and reduces the risk of future heart problems.
  • A personalized home exercise program designed and supervised by a Physical Therapist
  • A Cardiac Nurse to monitor medication compliance, vital signs and ongoing education
  • A Dietician as needed to assist in dietary changes and compliance
  • Counseling Services to address psycho-social issues such as depression and stress reduction
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