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Consider the Benefits Home Health Care 

Every one that has experience Home Health Care services for themselves or their loved ones knows the benefits of home health care and it's importance for themselves or their aging parents!
Home health care is equally important for the families as well as their aging parents. There are so many families that work and take care of their elderly parents at the same time.
Due to the overburden of work and huge responsibilities, adults often do not have any time to provide needed care to their aging parents which leads to feeling of neglect, depression, resentment. Which usually add additional stress for everyone.
With the help of home health care services, aging parents can be provided with the needed care and family members can work and give time to themselves and their children.
Home health care has many benefits for aging parents, not only socialization with the home care staff but some elders require complex medical care or constant care. They are unable take their medications, wound care, injections eat, walk or even go to the toilet.
The presence of a trained home care professional can help elderly parents perform the basic chores of daily living while you go about your daily lives.
With Home Health Care services elderly parents do not have to wait all day long for their children to come back and provide them with the required care.
All staff are licensed or certified with criminal history background checks, drug testing done on site by our nursing staff. 
When you or a loved one needs home health care, the last thing you want to worry about is how you’ll pay for it. At Affinity Home Health Care, we’ll work with you to determine your specific coverage and help you access the care that’s needed.

At Affinity Home Health Care we believe in achieving total well-being for both body and mind so our patients reach their maximum potential. The road to healing begins with superior clinical care
followed by patient education and instruction. Our services include a team of medical social workers to ensure our patients will have access to needed resources, receive the emotional support and  in addition to our full spectrum of clinicians.
Take a moment to review our specialty programs and let us know how we can help your patients.​

  • Timeframe/Discharge Planning

  • Medicare services are intermittent meaning not every day.  While there are some situations where services can be continued for several 60-day periods of care, the healthcare professionals are only in the home 1-3 days per week, up to one hour per visit. Families and caregivers are still the primary source of long term care for their loved ones at home. One of the most important duties of the home care clinical staff is to instruct the caregivers on the information and resources they will need to successfully manage and care for their loved one. Discharge planning begins with the first visit, so the clinical team will coordinate services and information, so the patient and caregivers will be well informed to continue care long after the home health care team has discharged.

  • Coordination of Care

  • Your loved one must feel comfortable around, and get along well, with their clinical staff. Feel free to let us know if there are any specific requirements.  We want your loved one to feel at ease with their clinical team.

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