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Orthopedic Rehabilitative Program


Affinity Home Health Care Orthopedic Rehabilitative Program is designed to provide home health services to your patients in the comfort of their home. Our program begins immediately once the patient returns home following their hospitalization or rehab stay.
The Orthopedic Rehab Program will benefit:

  • Total Joint Patients

  • ORIF Patients

  • Post-fracture and Trauma Patients

  • Non-surgical Osteoarthritis Patients

The Orthopedic Rehab Program Consists of:

  • Physician Specific Protocols

  • Home Safety Assessment 

  • Home Modification Checklist

  • Home Exercise Program

  • Experienced Wound Care Nurses

  • Anti-Coagulant Monitoring and Medication Management

  • Pain Management Education

  • Adaptation exercises

  • Stabilization exercises

  • Balance training

  • Gait training

  • Transfer training

  • Fall prevention

  • Self-management techniques

  • Patient and family education


The Benefits of the Orthopedic Rehab Program are:

  • Rehab and Recovery at Home

  • Improved Outcomes

  • Safety Assessment of home to ensure continued safety

  • Medicare approved

All patients are seen by a registered nurse prior to treatment. Patients needing assistance will be provided with a home health aide to assist with bathing and showering.

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